About Razor technologies

RaZor Technologies was born from our New York based S & N Worldwide Expediters Inc. a leading manufacturer‘s representative in the import/export applications, established in 1995 as a foremost authorized supplier to any industry, and are exhibitors at major international trade shows in North America/Caribbean. Altogether founded in Trinidad & Tobago in 1971.

With over 40 years experience in the field, RaZor Technologies have been established to handle new innovations. …the new innovations company! Currently we are proud to be the industry leaders in providing the most exclusive and innovative line of products, the widest category, without a doubt. The foremost in OEM/ODM production to our clients just to name a few. We supply anything. ALMOST! 

We stand by our product we represent; we protect our clients 1000+% with exclusive rights from factory to marketing head offices. You are the reason we are No.1.

The company has strong relations with R&D, Training for our clients etc. from all our manufacturers we represent, advanced technical, Superior support, equipment, and intact inspection system. All our suppliers have successively passed the ISO9002 and ISO/TS16949:2002 quality certification system, and all related certification. We offer OEM ODM and Logo Printing on all products. quantity rules applied.

We are authorized suppliers for LUCAS and ESSO SPARK PLUGS, advanced design, excellent capability, and novel appearance. (Dealers Wanted).

Caribbean Home for FilterMag.com (Re-Sellers Wanted, Best Business to get-into).

It will always be your best choice!! FilterMAG "I can't believe there was that much junk... missed by my oil filter." http://www.filtermag.com/intldist.php  Patented FilterMAG™ Oil Filter Magnet Technology Removes Steel Particles As Small As 2-Microns from Engine Oil. AUTHORIZED EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR, CARIBBEAN REGIONS, and the State of Florida, USA!

THE ORIGINAL SHAKE FLASHLIGHT. No batteries or Bulbs needed ever. …from the developer and patent holder! CDMA / GSM Telecom Equipment, Products and Handsets etc. MP3/MP4_5 and Electronics. Health, Safety, Security and all wireless solutions possible. 24K Gold Plating Equipment & Supplies, Chrome Spray-On Equipment & Supplies: For any possible surface! All Colors possible! The greatest in the chroming industry! Calcium Silicate and Fiber Cement Boards: Asbestos Free! Water and Sound Proof, Termite Resistant etc. ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANELS: All the best in colors, quality in the industry! Remote Control & Finger Print Locks, Remote Control Interior/exterior Door Openers, Sliding/Swing/Roll-Up and Barriers’ Operators. Electronic Circular Brass & Glass Main Entrance Doors (many types/designs).

We represent Much More Brands that anyone in the Caribbean…More!!! Test us, you’ll see what we mean…too numerous to mention! WANT A BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN?

E-mail: razorinnovations@ymail.com URL: www.RazorInnovation.com

RaZor Technologies offer business opportunities, and are Exclusive Distributors off: NANO Energizer_Engine Restoration. FilterMAG, your Engine-oil final filtration, to 1000%. NextLevel Performance Module/Chips. Instantaneous Water Heater Shower Panels, and Mini Instant Water Heaters, Wireless and Auto Security, Vehicle DNA Systems, Poultry Equipment Scalders & Pickers, Industrial-Automotive, Health-Safety-Security, Hardware, Interior/Exterior Products.

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