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Category: Safety-Security-Disaster
Contact Person: Mr. Farouk Ali  
Business Name: RaZor Technologies (Caribbean) Co; Ltd.
Email: fg@razorinnovation.com
Phone #: 0017183742369
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Country: USA  
WebSite: http://www.razorinnovation.com
Price: On Request
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Air Block Wireless Security Alarm System RZT 2000

Air Block - Designed for the US Department of Defence. Portable Wireless Security Alarm System

Designed for the US Department of Defence. Portable Wireless Security Alarm System

Easy to use as 1-2-3, featuring:

NO Wires+, NO Maintenance+, NO False-triggering (w/Pets and Children+), NO Electricity+, NO Codes+, NO Sensors+ and NO Installation+ etc...

YES Protect up to 4,000 sq ft,
YES automatically re-sets itself after intrusion,
YES with continued Protection,
YES one can never enter without a trigger of Alarm,
YES deterrent and peace of mind,
YES your investments and Family is protected and YES there’s no monthly bills etc.

Skype: gm0786

New York: 718 374 2369

Florida: 561 200 7603 / 786 704 9716

Caribbean: 868 222 3971 / 868 749 6800 / 868 487 1000

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