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E3 SPARK PLUGS TECHNOLOGY for Cars, Truck or MotorCycle / Bike

The Caribbean Home of E3 Spark Plugs Technology - NEW Diamond Fire Technology.


Welcome to E3 Spark Plugs Developed in conjunction with and validated by researchers from leading engineering universities, E3 patented Edge-to-Edge technology provides maximum
performance with increased combustion efficiency.

More Power
Improved Fuel Efficiency
Reduced Emissions
Longer Engine Life

The result of independent research and testing suggests that using E3 car spark plugs in your vehicle can increase horsepower when compared to more conventional spark plugs. Our patented Edge-to-Edge electrode outperformed other plug designs, including some premium spark plugs offered by the major manufacturers. Plus, E3 automotive spark plugs will continue to offer that "like-new" performance over the long haul and help to extend the life of your cars engine.

Regardless of the brand, model or style of the vehicle that you drive, our plugs are designed to deliver an optimum spark to your cars new or aging engine. Developed in conjunction with researchers from leading universities, we designed our car spark plug to create a faster flame front, so the unburned air-fuel mixtures that would normally pass into the engines exhaust system experience a more complete burn. Is not it about time to put the DiamondFire power of our car spark plugs to work in your car, SUV, minivan, truck, motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV?

E3 automotive spark plugs utilize the latest E3 technologies to help engines operate more efficiently by burning fuel more completely. Our patented design gets the flame (or combustion process) started earlier in the combustion chamber before gas is vented off when the exhaust valves open. Although results may vary dramatically based upon piston displacement and operating conditions, increased combustion efficiency and a faster burn allow E3 equipped engines to minimize the venting of unburned (wasted) fuel.

Do not settle for less. Insist upon E3 automotive spark plugs for your next tune up.

e3 spark plugs for vehicles

e3 spark plugs for vehicles

e3 spark plugs for vehicles

In a reciprocating gasoline engine, power is created by a sequence of events as a piston travels up and down inside a cylinder. Near the top of the compression stroke, a mixture of air and fuel is compressed in the engine combustion space above the piston. Once the piston has reached a specified point during the compression stroke (typically just before TDC piston position), the compressed gases are ignited by a spark from the plug tip (or electrode). When this combustion occurs, an incredible amount of energy is released in the form of expanding gases. Because it is attached to the engine crankshaft by way of a connecting rod, this downward movement of the piston creates the rotational energy needed to propel your vehicle.

Better Burn of Air-Fuel Mixture

Air Fuel Mixture

Today, most car, truck and motorcycle engines use a 4-stroke combustion cycle to convert fuel into power. During the fourth cycle of strokes (intake, compression, power and exhaust), no spark occurs. Any unburned gases are delivered to the atmosphere during the exhaust stroke, after which the intake stroke follows to provide a fresh air-fuel charge. Unfortunately, both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines emit hazardous, unburned fuel residues into our atmosphere. Consequently, the power generated by the engine and the amount of unused fuel exhausted are dependent upon the effectiveness and completeness of the burn.

The Path for Going "Green"

During our engineering research, we discovered that the electrode on a typical J-wire plug utilizes a single sharp edge that often wears much too fast. Our conclusions led to the development of a diamond shaped design with a center electrode tip that exposes multiple edges to an engine combustion space. Since electrical impulses naturally follow the path of least resistance, this made it easier for our new electrode design to provide a well-formed spark. When tested, this configuration resulted in a better burn of the compressed air-fuel mixture before the beginning of the exhaust cycle. By lowering the emission of unburned gases, we had discovered our path for going green.

Reduction of the Coefficient Variance

Engineering scientists studied the actual pressure rise from a single combustion event with different spark plug designs. The measurement is called the Indicated Mean Effective Pressure (IMEP). This value is determined by running a series of combustion cycles and comparing the values from one spark plug to another, keeping all other parameters (load, rpm, temperature, humidity, and related factors) equal. Double-blind tests were run comparing the area under the pressure curves itself for 500 combustion cycles per spark plug design. Then, we refined our electrode design to reduce the Coefficient of Variance (COV) for a series of combustion cycles. This research work was initially performed at our test labs in Atlanta, and continued with further development and evaluation at Georgia Tech and Michigan State University Engine Research Laboratory.

Our unique electrode incorporates the combined benefits of several known performance plug types as well as new science based upon our dedicated years of spark plug research. There are three main performance components that determine how the E3 DiamondFire configuration works:

  1. Open Ground Electrode Design

    The first component mimics surface gap spark plugs (like the type used in rotary engines) which directs the flame kernel to the piston (or rotor) more directly. This was done to reduce the travel time from the spark zone to the chamber containing the compressed gases. By opening the section at the top of the electrode, we avoid creating the "doughnut" shaped flame kernel produced by standard plugs. Given the short amount of time available to get combustion started, the faster you can direct the flame to the area above the piston, the better.

  2. Forward Projection into Spark Zone

    Secondly, with retracted plug designs, the generated spark lies against the top of the combustion chamber surface. So, our engineers designed the E3 electrode to project farther forward into the combustion chamber. This brings the spark zone closer to areas of probable good air-fuel mixture. The outward projection also creates beneficial "micro-aerodynamics" within the spark zone. Since the initial combustion wave leaves the spark area at supersonic speeds, the elevated edge of the E3 electrode provides somewhat of a chimney effect as the next air-fuel mixture is drawn into the spark zone.

  3. Edge-to-Edge Spark Discharge

    Lastly, the strongest part of the E3 electrode design is our forced edge-to-edge spark discharge, which was proven to be the best way to direct a spark as it leaves the electrode surface. Our design improved upon the phenomena that race car drivers used for years. They would "cut back" ordinary spark plug electrodes to improve the overall spark discharge. Since the spark itself occurs only when an avalanche of electrons migrates from the two electrodes (cathode to anode), sharp edges proved to be better at initiating electron migrations, and these accelerated electrons would collide with matter inside the spark zone to release additional electrons.

E3 horsepower percentage

As a result, the E3 advanced electrode works to create a plasma channel through which the spark current flows more easily. That helps our multiple-edge configuration to outperform all other spark plug designs available, including many premium offerings from the major manufacturers.


Problem with "J-Wire" Electrode Design

J-Wire Electrode Design

Some competitive spark plugs feature problematic designs like the traditional J-wire where the ground electrode can actually get in the way of the flame kernel as it travels away from the plug gap. This can sometimes interfere with the combustion of the compressed air-fuel mixture. To ensure a more complete combustion, we recognized that the flame front must reach the compressed gases as quickly as possible. That is why the E3 DiamondFire design is open at the end. Our flame kernel can travel directly toward the remaining air-fuel mix.

"Fine Wire" Precious Metal Electrodes

Manufacturers of spark plugs that use precious metals in their electrode were quick to look for ways to reduce production costs. Thus, the "fine wire" electrode was introduced to reduce the amount of metal used to produce their premium plugs. The challenge was the fine wire design would not have a very long useful life, so platinum or iridium was added to help extend the useful life of the plug. Because of their basic design modifications, fine-wire spark plugs have fewer misfires. But, the E3 DiamondFire design with its multiple exposed edges still out performs fine-wire plugs by maximizing the spark presentation in the combustion chamber.

A Faster Electrical-to-Chemical Transfer

We feel our most significant research discovery came from understanding that having two sharp edges firing to each other is an improvement over an edge-to-flat electrode design. Sharp edge-to-edge designs force the electrons to form a stronger plasma channel faster. That lets our DiamondFire spark plugs reduce ignition delay and offers a measurable improvement in the electrical-to-chemical energy transfer. If you are looking for a faster flame, a more complete combustion, an improved engine response and higher fuel efficiency, remember E3 spark plugs are "Born to Burn".

Spark Breakdown: Ignition Delay

spark heat transfer illustration

Our engineers started with the flame kernel that is created when a spark is initially created in the cylinders combustion area. Once this event occurs, the compressed mixture has to be ignited by contact with the flame front initiated by the spark, an increase in cylinder pressure and/or an increase in temperature. For perfect combustion to occur, all of the compressed fuel mixture would have burned at the point where the piston created a constant volume inside the cylinder. In reality, we recognize that there is always a delay between the initiating spark, flame kernel growth and movement of the flame front throughout the combustion space.

Better Conductive Heat Transfer

Immediately following the spark event in the combustion zone, a critical flame kernel is formed. To ignite the residual gases before the exhaust event, an engine is designed to increase the temperature of the remaining gases, raise the cylinder pressure and expose the unburned mixture to the flame front. We quickly realized a larger kernel is exponentially effective because it offers more mechanisms for heat transfer. Since the larger ball of the flame has more surface area, the conductive heat transfer to the unburned gases is greater and faster. Also, a larger flame front impacts the convective heat transfer by tumbling the remaining air-fuel mixture and exposing more of the unburned gases to radiant heat transfer.

Improved "Mass Fraction Burned"

This means that just a slight increase in flame kernel strength can cause a cascading improvement in the entire combustion process. By getting the flame process started earlier, the mass fraction burned at any given crank angle position away from TDC is increased. Since the exhaust valve opening occurs at a fixed point in the crankshafts position, we understood how important it is to get as much of the fuel burned before it is vented off during the exhaust cycle. So, to increase power and reduce emissions, we created the DiamondFire electrode designed to burn more of the existing air-fuel mixture present in the combustion chamber.

Simply stated, E3 Spark Plugs are "Born to Burn".

Almost every scientific group and government around the world has concluded that global warming is real and a growing threat that cannot be ignored. In fact, according to a recent ABC NEWS poll, 85% of Americans believe global warming "probably is occurring."

The United Nations has called for speedy and decisive international actions to combat this phenomenon. And across our nation, concerned individuals are asking, "What can I do? What personal actions can I take?" There are many right answers such as replacing incandescent light bulbs with fluorescents or buying a hybrid car that wrings more mileage out of a tank of gasoline. Light bulbs are cheap. Hybrid cars are not.

The Worst Polluter May Not Be Your Car!

Interestingly, most environmentally conscious drivers are not aware that the worst polluter in their garage is NOT THE CAR. It is their lawn and garden equipment. Ever notice the huge cloud of blue smoke that comes out of your lawnmowers exhaust every time you start it up? Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, edgers and hedge trimmers emit millions of tons of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere that contributes to global warming. And, as the equipment operator, you are also breathing those harmful fumes.

The California Air Resources Board estimates that gas lawnmowers emit as much air pollution in one hour as driving a car for 13 hours. So, by the simple and inexpensive act of switching to our environmentally friendly spark plugs, you can lower your small engine emissions. In extensive testing, it was proven that E3 spark plugs reduce fuel consumption in small engines up to 13%. If you own a walk-behind mower, that will recover your E3 Spark Plug purchase price in about 2 seasons of mowing, and in only one season if you cut using a riding mower.

EPA Says: "E3 Offers Clear Advantages in Emissions Control"

Public attention to global warming has spiked sharply over the last decade. Some polls show over 70% of Americans are concerned about the general health of the environment and how it affects the future of our planet. Obviously, the hundreds of millions of automobiles on American roads burn fuel, discharge greenhouse gases, and contribute enormously to the problem. But, by simply changing all of your engines spark plugs to E3, you could reduce toxic emissions while improving the fuel efficiency of the engines you use.

Do not take our word for it. After extensive testing, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that E3s "...technology offered clear advantages in HC and CO emissions control (both contribute to smog and ozone depletion) simultaneously improving power and fuel efficiency." And, unlike many other fuel-saving technologies, you do not have to modify your engine in any way.

E3 is the ONLY spark plug to be included in rulings by the EPA, cited as a "supplemental emissions control device." Our DiamondFire technology creates improved combustion efficiency, which means fuel is burned in the cylinder more completely. This results in greater power, increased mileage, and greater fuel efficiency. The more complete the combustion, the less carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons that escape into the air we breathe. E3 Spark Plugs was founded on the principles of improving Ecology, Efficiency and Energy.

How You Can Help Fight Global Warming?

The saying goes, "Think Globally, Act Locally." One of the best ways to fight global warming is to improve the burn in your gasoline-powered engines. By burning the fuel more completely you will use less fossil fuel and reduce the amount of carbon monoxide, dioxide, and other hydrocarbons that escape into the atmosphere.

You can start with your small engines, like your lawnmower or leaf blower, especially if they are a few years old. The EPA estimates that older small engines are a significant problem because they emit up to 30% of un-burned gases into the atmosphere. E3 spark plugs burn fuel more completely in the cylinder which means you use less gas, put less pollution into the air, and can save money at the pump.

Another way, one that most of us never think about, is by reducing the growing number of spark plugs that end up in landfills. Since small engine spark plugs are often changed every year (over 100,000,000 of them are sold annually). Tons of used plugs end up in landfills, where they never decompose. E3 lawn and garden plugs will perform "as new" for the life of the engine, so you may never need to replace them. Now is the time for all of us to do whatever we can to reduce toxic emissions.

E3 spark plugs are a great investment ... for your small engines, for your wallet, and for your planet.

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