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For Trinidad & Tobago Customers.

#1 Free Shipping to Maiam USA, and use of Sky-Box (please e-mail for info).
#2 Find your DBA Performance Disc Rotor (please request Hawk Performance Brake Pad info).

Next-Level Racing:
#3 Next-Level Racing Performance Modules/Chips. (Free Shipping to Miami, and use of SkyBox).

#4 Choose your FilterMAG application and pulling strength. Free Shipping to Miami, and SkyBox uses.

Nano Energiser & Restoration:
#5 Inject Nano Restoration into Engine_Tranny_GearBoxes_Diff_PowerSteering_etc. Bring your Vehicle back to 100% Tight and responsive, the more you drive the better it gets... great for older vehicles too! Hot Sale: Reg. TTD $595.00 Now $395.00 introduction until Dec 31, 2011. Wholesale enquiries welcome. In the USA (please e-mail), USD Reg. $85.00 Now $65.00 Free Shipping in USA!

PAYMENTS: Worldwide, PayPal, USA, Bank of America (any branch) A/C #898000878949 and Trinidad & Tobago, FCB (any branch) A/C #1490499.

We provide Free Shipping in USA of Following Products:

FilterMAG (All Series, including Industrial CT-Series):

DBA Performance Disc Rotors: 

Next Level Performance Modules - G-Box 12HP, G-Box Gold Series 15HP and Tri-Phase 20HP w/15 lb/foot Torque.

Please contact for more information, we would be happy to respond ASAP!

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